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Electrical Cables are not supposed to cause a fire. If they do then the problem persists somewhere in the equipment or property. When PVC explodes, it releases life-threatening gases and people are asked to evacuate the affected toxic area immediately. Hence, Nafees Cables recommend the use of Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables, though, our inspection team inferences on inspection to guide you well.

Suggested places where Low Smoke-LSZH Cables should be used

Public places like shopping malls, airports, and mass transit transport are the most suggested places where Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables are to be used.

Characteristics of Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables

Following are a few characteristics of highly demanded Low Smoke – LSZH Cables

Fire Retardant Cables

These are also called fire survival cables and are relatively low cost. The pro of this type of electrical wiring is, in case of fire, it will be confined to a small area. Fire hazard is reduced due to fire propagation.

Low Smoke And Fume Fire Retardant Cables (LSF)

Low Smoke – LSZH Cables release low smoke and fume during a fire hazard. Moreover, PVC Compounds after the inclusion of smoke suppressant and flame retardant additives halt smoke to spread and suffocate the area, but it is not Halogen free.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fire Retardant (LSZH)

 LSZH cables performed well on fire attack but also comprised of Halogen-free properties, thus aids low corrosivity and noxiousness. When the particular area is wrapped by fire and fumes, these cables emit less smoke and acidic gasses, thus are not harmful to the human respiratory system. The persistent cables are life and asset friendly in comparison to the traditional electrical wiring system. Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fire Retardant (LSZH) is also environmentally friendly.

Other unique benefits of Low Smoke – LSZH Cables

  • It has vast halogen-free advantages, as it emits low smoke
  • Improve visibility
  • Increased time to exit the fire area
  • Less intoxicated
  • Less harmful emissions
  • These cables are undoubtedly a safer choice
  • Fewer chances of life loss
  • Environmental friendly than PVC compound

LSZH cables are not suitable for every application

Although cables made using halogenated compounds such as PVC and FEP have been disregarded as hazardous during a fire, LSZH cables are not a universal solution for swapping them for the following reasons. First, PVC and FEP-based cables have benefits too, they may have a slight but a logical plus point over LSZH cables. In open spaces where smoke and gases can disperse quickly, PVC and FEP work well. LSZH cables are expensive than PVC FEP- based cables. In short, LSZH cables are best suited for setups in which traditional cables could be hazardous. They are not envisioned to replace traditional cables in every application.

LSZH cables should be a priority where many cables are installed in a narrowed space and are close to each other. Moreover, where evacuation is restricted, ventilation is poor, and a high voltage is present.

Nafees Cables is just a call away for advice, appointment, and inspection to fix any electrical query or bug.

Copper cables are one of the most cost-effective solutions to hit sky-high profits. Copper cables are harder than other bond pad metals and it gets oxidized with least difficulty. The bonding of copper wire will require tedious optimization on all fundamentals that are described in the context of the supplier, Input, process, output, and customer chart.

Copper cables are cost-effective

  • Copper cables occupy over 50% of the market and it has the highest electrical conductivity after silver. It has proved to be the best economical and affordable conductor of electricity. It saves money by reducing electrical energy loss and enhance energy efficiency inclusively.
  • The industry is working on two broader spectrums like the spike in customer’s expectations and secondly on rigorous regulatory requirements. IT professionals of downstream industries have witnessed copper cables’ effectiveness on technical, environmental, and cost-cutting perspectives.
  • Copper wires are resource-efficient and promote a circular economy.
  • Manufacturing of wires, cables, and electrical equipment is comprised of two-thirds of copper use because of its highest electrical conductivity.
  • Copper is trying to meet silver in terms of conductivity. It conducts heat superbly, and heat sinks are very important in electronic components, and it saves a lot in the form of energy and money.
  • Copper cables have surpassed other materials in saving energy that has lead to more compact designs.
  • Copper compactness is intense as it saves on other materials. Without copper 20 % more materials were used in electrical types of equipment and cables.
  • Copper’s role is extensive when it comes to saving energy. Through copper wires and cables, it acts at the structural level to generate energy savings through management and controls.
  • For the small business enterprise, business managers are focused on their IT infrastructure, they have to concentrate on their employee’s mobile devices, cabling, Wi-Fi, laptops, a printer, and above all Internet connectivity. These are the basic rudiments to create an IT infrastructure. The decision-makers are inclined to opt for cost-cutting ways, and for it, copper cabling is the best option to avail.
  • To run smooth modern corporate IT infrastructure copper cabling is used.
  • Electrical equipment that holds more copper runs serener and saves money. With copper cabling less costly energy you’ll lose as heat. And the more prolific you can put to work.
  • Due to copper wiring, electrical equipment’s reliability and service life has extensively increased. The cost of air handling and cooling is not needed in copper cabling.
  • Copper is a chemical element present from the kitchen to corporate offices. It is because it puts less burden on finances, and it is perceived from its virtual reality.
  • You can save money by a solid copper cabling that can withstand extreme climate conditions and lasts longer.
  • The use of copper is considered to be ideal on the global spectrum. Moreover, copper wires are used broadly, as they are compatible with most building structures and appliances. Copper cables are appropriate, easily accessible, and are mass-produced by multiple companies worldwide.
  • Copper does not only save money but it also has malleable strength and resistance to corrosion ensures that they last long.

Sit down with your plant engineer or facilities manager. Compare the costs. We are sure that you will pick Nafees Cables to accomplish quality assurance goals to save a lot in terms of money and energy.


Junction boxes are enclosures usually made of metal or plastic used as housing for wiring connections. Heat is generated due to the twisted wires in which connection causes resistance to the flow of electricity. It is important to cover an electrical junction box regardless of its location.

Why the junction box should be covered?

The only answer to the question is “safety”. The junction box should be covered because it houses the splices where wires are connected. A negligent touch could inadvertently damage the wires or get a shock. A missing junction box cover can be perilous because it acts like a shield that protects the wires from unintentional human contact. The junction box is usually located at the acquainted place where you tend to be less careful, and the uncovered junction box could be dicey. Moreover, a covered junction box is a line of defense against the blowout of electrical fires generated by heat.

Down there are possible consequences that can be faced with uncovered junction boxes.

  • Uncovered junction boxes can outspread accidental fire.
  • Electrical panels and breaker plates are at high risk if junction boxes are not covered with plastic or metal covering.
  • Junction boxes having damaged, cracked, or whittled covering should be immediately replaced because bared wires can be life-threatening.
  • Revealed junction boxes increase the potential of electrical shock by young children and adults, and it would be a rational decision to keep it covered.
  • Electrical boxes protect wire connections and safeguard people and property. Uncovered junction boxes lead to spread heat and sparks or short circuits.
  • Right-sized junction boxes are obligatory to give a proper shield against catastrophe.
  • Tightly crammed wiring escalates the risk of short circuits. That is why you should follow box sizes specified by Nafees Cables.
  • Uncovered junction boxes expose combustible wall material and extend the chances of stray sparks or heat igniting over the surface.
  • When junction boxes are not covered electrical faults become dangerous. Vulnerable cables are extremely unsafe.
  • Wires are secured with clamps to prevent strained connections, for this approved cable clamps are suggested unless metal junction boxes will damage wiring because of its sharp edges. Nafees Cables is proficient for electrical inspection and to replace broken covering of junction boxes.
  • Loose fittings increase the risk of short circuits, and it is one of the most hazardous consequences of uncovered junction boxes.

Nafees Cables has the expertise to excel and propel customers to trust, we offer great prices on electrical supplies. Contact us to fix any electrical bug with cost-operative solutions.


An electrical accident is called a short circuit and it can be destructive to your electrical system. Moreover, short circuits can cause serious damage to your tangible and intangible assets.

Why short circuits occurred?

Short circuits befell when a low-resistance path is not appropriate to carry electricity receives a high-volume electrical current. In simple language, short circuits happen when a hot wire touches a discordant conductive object.

The result of a short circuit

The short circuit can damage an electrical appliance, electrical shock, or even can cause combustions. So, it is necessary to take preventive steps to avoid a hazardous situation.

Here are a few steps which can be helpful to avert short circuits

Proper Check of Outlets Before Use

An outlet is a box at the back which is attached with wires. The common possible causes of a short circuit are

  • An old/aged outlet
  • Loose box connections
  • Defective wiring

Identifying the actual defect can be puzzling and problematic. Though they are hidden behind your walls what you can do is to keep a proper timely examination of your outlets. Constant inspection can specify certain signs that the outlet is may be at risk of a short circuit.

  • Burning smell
  • Burn marks on the wall or outlet
  • Cracking or buzzing sound coming from the outlet
  • Sparking from outlet
  • Overaged outlet (15-25 years old)

If any of these signs appear, it would be suggested to stop using the particular outlet and contact Nafees Cables to opt for precautionary measures.

Check Appliances Before Use

Electrical appliances are also needed to be monitored before getting them plugged. Short circuits can occur of a wrong circuitry from the appliance itself. It is professionally recommended to examine the electrical appliance on these signs:

  • Scratched wire and casing
  • Damaged cords
  • Unusual cracks in the appliance
  • The appliance has visible circuitry

If you observe any of these signs, you have only two options either disposing of or having a qualified repair of the appliance.

Avoid Electrical Usage During Storms

The most common and dangerous way of short circuits is a lightning strike. Unusually low or high voltage can bring unimaginable serious damage. It is suggested to abstain from excessive electrical usage during a lightning storm. It will diminish the chances of possible damage in case of a power surge occurs.

Basic Circuit Breaker Maintenance is a wise option

The electrical system has its protection system against short circuits, that are its circuit breakers. These tiny gears safeguard against perilous situations. They are located in the electrical panel. Circuit breakers are shut off when unstable electrical currents are deemed to flow in electrical wires.

It is suggested that make a practice to perform basic circuit breaker maintenance guidelines to help confirm their function.

Here are a few tips that actually work.

  • The circuit breaker should not have shown any sign of a crack, damage or lose fittings
  • Clean any dirt with a dry cloth located on the breaker

If you would like to better keep your circuit breakers using professional assistance, feel comfortable to contact Nafees Cables for your circuit breaker services.

Schedule an Electrical Inspection (at Least Once a Year)

An electrical inspection is as essential as a doctor’s appointment required for a sick fellow, and it should be scheduled at least once a year. Only a skilled person can examine your electric system and Nafees Cables is privileged in the respective field. Timely pinpointed flaws avert short circuits beforehand. Nafees Cables are proficient for electrical inspection, proper circuitry monitoring, and cost-effective solutions. Schedule one today!


Copper captivates the modern world; it is because of its infinite recyclable properties. It has a complete hold either on the cooperate sector or for domestic usage, from electric generation to the power supply to homes copper is everywhere. Bare copper is the 99.99 % pure copper used in wires for its 100 % conductivity, the most essential part on earth has become a necessary part of our daily lives.

Pure copper wires assure 100% conductivity

Copper is the supreme conductor of electricity after silver and is extensively used all over the world to manufacture electrical appliances by meeting satisfactory levels. It also assures high thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. This makes the metal hard-wearing for a longer period even at extreme settings. Furthermore, copper also has ductility and malleability properties which make it flexible and twistable to get into any shape and size. Copper wires are obtainable in the following forms as per the requirement

  • Flexible
  • Stranded
  • Solid

Here are a few impeccable benefits of pure copper wires.

  • Pure copper wire is highly heat resistant and works well in extreme environmental settings.
  • After silver, copper wires give 100 % conductivity that made it prevalent in the electrical industry.
  • Heavy electrical operations require huge loads of electricity and pure copper wire fixes without being damaged.
  • Copper wire is well-comprised of ductility and malleability, that’s why it easily gets into any shape and size. It can be easily made thinner than a single strand of human hair. Its twisting and bending quality make the metal globally popular.
  • Pure copper wire is more expensive than silver (a.k.a. aluminum), but because of it’s efficiency in conductivity, it is extensively used in diversity. For instance, it is used in industries like telecom companies, marine, electrical, and manufacturing.
  • Copper wire is supple and holds high electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Copper wire is 100% safe and reliable for all types of electrical practice.
  • The melting point of copper wire is very high, it can withstand continuous at high temperature without getting melted. The said property is money and lifesaver.
  • Pure copper wire is more durable and long-lasting than other metal wires.
  • It does not become slack with use and time. It requires the least repair without creating unnecessary problems.
  • Pure copper wire is always compatible with in-home usage.
  • Electrical appliances use copper wire, so it is obligatory to use pure copper wire for home wiring. Else, it could lead to lethal accidents if other metal wire is used as wiring.
  • The copper wire does not tear off in high humidity and wet conditions. Its corrosion-resistant property makes it highly demanded.

Why Choose Us?

Nafees Cables is a well-known name in Pakistan that has been manufacturing premium quality of copper wire in various forms. We are on the brink to grab the latest modern technologies to meet the customized needs of our customers by hitting all satisfactory levels. So, feel comfortable to contact whether you are from corporate or domestic spectrums and concerned to purchase 99.99% pure copper wire. Please visit at www.nafeescables.com

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