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Comparison: Copper Wiring Vs Aluminum Wiring

The two main types of electrical wiring are copper and aluminum; both have demand, market assurance, and customer satisfaction. Though have differences in cost, weight, nature, and use on commercial or residential grounds. Aluminum Wires are more economical, and the lighter wire which increases its usage. Although the Aluminum Wire cannot be used at every place due to its corrosive nature. Though, Copper Wires can be easily made out of copper as it is more ductile and tensile and also can be used in more places.

Advantages of copper wiring

  • It is best when it comes to the electric conductors, due to which it best for using for cables and transformers.
  • It is also a good thermal conductor, due to which it is used for ACs, heat sealing machines and television, or anything where thermal power is very high.
  • Copper is considered ideal because it is non-corrosive, which means it doesn’t react, and it makes it perfect for making pipes, jewelry, radiators, statues, and many more.
  • It is more ductile as well as more tensile than the aluminum wires.

Although embraced by fantastic features it has a down hand on heavyweight and high cost.

Advantages of aluminum wiring

  • One of the main advantages of aluminum wires is their lightweight, which is 2.7 g/cm3, which reduces its costs in manufacturing.
  • Aluminum is a Ductile that means it can be haggard in thin sheets or wires with ease. For example, aluminum foils are used in every household for several purposes.
  • Aluminum is odorless and water-resistant, and it makes it the best for packaging edible and sensitive things.
  • Aluminum is one of the best nonmagnetic metals, and so the good conductor.
  • Aluminum is a metal that is recycled and can be reused multiple times.

Main Differences Between Aluminum Wire and Copper Wire

Both are made up of their respective intrinsic properties though have a few points of difference. For instance,

  • One main difference is conductivity. The Aluminum wire is relatively less conductive (only 60% of copper), whereas Copper wires have higher conductivity.
  • The Aluminum wires are lighter and easy to carry, whereas Copper wires are heavier and difficult to carry.
  • The second most called-out difference is temperature tolerance. The Aluminum wires have the property of expanding at a high temperature and contracting at low temperature, whereas no such changes take place in the copper wire. It can resist the effect of Thermal Changes.
  • When it comes to ductility, aluminum wires are less ductile, whereas copper wires are more ductile.
  • Cost analysis is one of the main deep thoughts of a person or a company. Long and profound cost estimations are made to cut down costs. The Aluminum Wires are less expensive, and the Copper Wires and more expensive in comparison.
  • The Aluminum Wires are less Tensile, and Copper Wires are more Tensile.
  • The Aluminum Wires can cause fire due to their corrosive nature, but no such mishappening takes place with the Copper Wires. In this regard, copper wires seem safer than aluminum wires.

Bottom line

Therefore it is very much clear the different properties of both the Aluminum and the Copper Wire. For residential status, copper wires are the best option.

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